Monday, 6 February 2012

Here are two tracks taken from my Mandinka Blues album where I play the guitar to remind myself of the stories we used to tell one another back home.
Baba means father and this story is about a boy who grows up without his father around. When he was a very small boy he decided to make a journey on his own to find him but when he reached a small village called Seriman in Senegal the old man of the town told the boy that he was too young to be traveling on his own and said to the boy 'one day when you become a man you will finally see your daddy'. But by the time the boy grew old enough to travel the father had already passed away.

Musoo Jutta means woman lion. This story is about a man and a woman who try so hard for a better life to come but Muso Jutta always thinks that things will not get easier.
The man is begging her to believe that one day things will get better and all they must do now is pray.

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